Royal Honey & Milk Mask

   Our Royal Honey & Milk mask is truly a fit for a queen or king! Over 15 raw active ingredients blended to perfection to capture and provide you with a luxurious experience! It is jam packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will feed and treat skin. The high concentration of antioxidants, fatty acids and enzymes will improve skin tone, elasticity and provide a healthy glow. 

Size: 3.3 fl oz/100 mL

Natural honey.

 Best used after exfoliating with Bellsol's Deep Buff Scrub.

 As facial/neck mask take a small amount and apply it on damp face and neck. Massage it for few minutes then leave it for up to an hour. Rinse, pat dry and follow, if necessary, by your favorite Bellsol Facial Serum.

 As partial/total body mask - a Royal Spa treatapply on damp skin and massage it for few minutes. Leave it for up to an hour. Rinse, pat dry then follow with Bellsol Frosted Body Butter or Bellsol Body Oil.

 As hands/feet mask - take a small amount, add few drops of water and massage hands and/or feet. Leave for 15-30 minutes. Rinse, pat dry and follow with Chocolate Butter or Frosted Body Butter

  •   Raw Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis well known in the beauty industry will improve skin by providing a complex set of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. Royal Jelly has moisturizing properties protecting skin from dehydration; enzymes will gently exfoliate improving skin tone making it brighter; vitamins we’ll keep skin well moisturized delaying the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Propolis with its antibacterial properties will help diminish acne flares and blemishes.
  •   Milk Lipids will nourish the cell structure improving it from inside out. Topically will gently exfoliate giving the complexion a boost and in time fade spots/acne scars.
  •   Coconut oil* and extract provide additional hydration fighting and delaying the appearance of wrinkles while improving the natural skin’s elasticity and tone.
  •   Cocoa, Shea and Soy butters high in lecithin, sterolins, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and isoflavones are highly moisturizing and reparative for the skin that is damaged by the elements especially the sun. They will prevent severe dehydration and peeling. The unique blend will penetrate the skin infusing it with natural antioxidants and vitamins leaving it with a smooth and satin finish.
  •   Camellia Seed oil* rich in antioxidants promotes cell rejuvenation and resistance to free radicals and environmental oxidative damage.
  •   Sea Buckthorn extract is one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C. It contains enzymes and fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9 &7) that help collagen production at the cellular level maintaining a youthful skin glow and increase cell resistance to environmental oxidation. It contains same Vitamin E as what germ, three times Vitamin A than carrots and four time SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme than ginseng. This is vital in promoting healthy skin and fighting free radicals.

*Organic ingredient