Our Story

     Bellsol's story started in 2011 when I lost my dog, Bella. We all have different relationships during our lifetime but the ones we have with our furry friends are very special and unique. Dogs bring us unconditional love and friendship. They have the extraordinary ability of making our chaotic day disappear the moment we walk through the door and they greet us with a happy wag of the tail and a wet nose. There is nothing more therapeutic than a walk with your dog at the end of the day. The moment that you walk side by side in silence relaxing your mind while enjoying a beautiful sunset. 

   It is very hard when we lose them. Pain, loss, grief. There is where I was when everything started. The harder I wanted to move on, the harder it was. All until a beautiful morning when I saw a beautiful sunrise. At that moment I felt her and her joyful spirit. In that moment I knew it was not about the pain of passing but the happiness that she offered us during her time with us. In that moment I knew I wanted to create something special that would bring to others the same joy, happiness and love that she brought to us. 

    I knew right away what I wanted to do. It was as bright and clear as the morning sun. I wanted to take two passions and blend them together - my love for her and my love for the beauty of nature.

    From that moment on I start researching everything about different ingredients from around the world, their properties and how are best used. Evaluating the ease of use, performance, textures, scents...

    Living overseas and traveling around the world I had the opportunity to try different brands and their products. From Europe, Middle East, Asia and later on the US. Different places and cultures, different beauty routines, different products. I tried them all but I was always left disappointed or worse with severe skin irritations. 

   So I started to blend my own "potions". Soon friends start asking what I was doing and asking for samples. Slowly the product samples got a life of their own... More and more people where asking to "sample" different products - a shampoo, a conditioner, a body butter, a scrub... And with that as they say "the rest is history". 

    When I started the company and I was asked how I will name it I immediately thought about my Bella and that sunrise and everything fell into place:

  Bell - from Bella that in Italian means beautiful but also pronounced 'bell' in French means also beautiful as she was.

  sol - that in Spanish means "sun" but also pronounced 'sol' resembles the English word "soul" as she was our sun with a beautiful soul.

Ladies and Gentlemen -  Welcome to Bellsol!