About Us

                                                                                Artisan Romanian Beauty  

                                                                             Luxury  -  Elegance – Natural  

      Bellsol Beauty Boutique was born from the desire to create elegant and luxurious beauty products using the power of natural organic ingredients with respect to Nature and the Environment. Our brand takes a holistic approach to Clean Beauty – we believe “Clean Beauty is more than an Ingredient, more than a Formula”™.
     Our founder inspired by her Romanian heritage with a long tradition in Apothecary Green Beauty and the different cultures encountered in her travels around the world she set to blend and create a beauty line that would celebrate the powerful ingredients that Nature provides without compromising the Elegance and Luxury of the Experience.
     “Romanian culture as well as other cultures from Europe to Middle East and Asia have their own traditional ingredients locally known, grown and used for generations. Each culture has their own tips and tricks of how much, for what and when to use them. My challenge was to respect the knowledge I learned about each ingredient, its story and why it is used. In addition to blending natural ingredients into elegant, effective formulas with unique textures I wanted to create a high end Spa Experience that would transform an every day’s beauty ritual into a luxurious journey of the senses – no passport required.”   
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to Bellsol Beauty Boutique!