Buff Scrub

Deep Buff Scrub

   Our Deep Buff is a luxurious body powder scrub created with 100% natural ingredients. The unique concentrated blend of Apricot Seed, Rice, Rosehip and Soy shells was designed to deeply remove excess dead skin and give a fresh smooth feel to dry, uneven and dull skin.

    By constantly removing excess dead skin we allow new skin cells to emerge and active ingredients from moisturizing products to be fully absorbed.

Size: 3oz/85g

Unscented / Natural  

   This simple yet luxurious powder scrub is perfect for exfoliating before using self-tanning products, removing scars or prevent ingrown hair. Best used once a week. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

   Apply on wet skin in the shower by sprinkling small amounts on different sections of the skin. Massage in circular motions concentrating on dry areas: elbows, knees, heels. Rinse & pat dry. For optimal results follow by Bellsol Frosted Body Butter or Bellsol Body Oil.

Note: The first time after using the scrub do not apply moisturizing products for 15 minutes so that the water will completely evaporate from the skin’s surface. Feel your skin to know the true difference between a regular scrub and Bellsol's Deep Buff Scrub!

  •  Apricot Seed – A well know exfoliating agent. Perfect to remove the most stubborn uneven skin and give it a perfect glow
  •  Rice – A well know and used mechanical exfoliator in Asian cultures. Rice powder is perfect to exfoliate, absorb excess sebum and balance skin with oily tendencies.

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