Frosted Silk Shampoo for Colored, Bleached, Dry Hair

  A unique blend for colored, bleached dry hair types created to deliver a luxurious experience with professional results.

  Argan, Grapeseed, Coconut oils moisturize scalp and hair maintaining elasticity and preventing hair breakage/split ends; Plant Keratin coats the hair shaft protecting it from Thermal and Environmental damage while Silk Extract attracts moisture giving hair a soft smooth finish – frizz free. Gently cleaning build up without weighing down the hair. Suitable for daily use.

Best for Hair: bleached, treated, colored, dry, coarse, damaged, prone to breakage, split ends.

Safe for colored treated and keratin treated hair.

Safe on extensions.


For best results use with Frosted Silk Conditioner/Leave in 2in1 for Normal, Dry, Damaged Hair

Orchid Mist – A fresh beautiful delicate orchid scent with a gentle touch of afternoon showers. Light yet able to leave a delicate aroma on your hair and skin throughout the day. Unisex.

For short/medium hair use a cherry pit size of product. For long hair use half to one walnut size of product. Based on hair length and thickness, start using a small amount of product and gradually increase. Safe to use daily. Best followed by Bellsol Frosted Silk Conditioner/Leave-In 2in1. 

Tip: A little bit goes a long way! Can be used as a luxurious body wash as well.

  •   Argan, Grapeseed and Coconut oils are known to provide moisture to scalp and hair.
  •   Argan oil contains antioxidants and vitamins helping with cell regeneration and healthy scalp. By fortifying the scalp, the hair will grow healthier and fuller. 
  •   Grapeseed oil adds a new layer of antioxidants and moisture coating the hair preventing breakage and split ends without leaving hair greasy.
  •   Coconut oil conditions the hair helping in regaining and maintaining its elasticity by “filling in” damage left by over treating, over coloring, and thermal abuse. It adds shine to dull hair, prevents the color hue from becoming tarnish and faded over a certain number of washes. 
  •   Plant derived proteins such as Wheat, Soy and Corn help maintain a healthy level of keratin, the building block of hair. Plant proteins form a film on the outer layer of the hair shaft protecting the keratin cells within. This helps retain moisture by delaying the evaporation process. Also protects hair strands from Thermal and Environmental damage.
  •   Silk Peptides contain a high number of amino acids and proteins. They have a high moisture binding and repair capability for dry hair in addition to a unique property of retaining/releasing moisture depending on surrounding humidity and temperature. Silk Peptides add bounce and shine, retains moisture straightening hair making it less susceptible to breakage and split ends.

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