Frosted Silk Conditioner/Leave-In 2in1 for Normal, Dry, Damaged Hair

   A professional formula designed to be use in more ways than one: Conditioner, Leave-In, Weekly Moisturizing & Restorative Mask.

   A highly adaptive formula that can be used on all hair types: oily, normal, bleached, colored dry coarse hair. The luxurious blend of Silk Extract, Plant Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5 ensures style manageability without greasy build-up.

   The unique blend of Silk Extract and Plant Keratin protects hair strands from Thermal damage (blow dryer/flat iron) leaving hair smooth and silky. It also protects hair from extreme Environmental damage (extreme heat, sun, extreme cold). 

Best for Hair: normal, bleached, treated, colored, dry, coarse, damaged, prone to breakage, split ends

Safe for colored treated and keratin treated hair.

Safe on extensions.


For best results use with Frosted Silk Shampoo for Colored, Bleached, Dry Hair & Frosted Silk Shampoo-Lite for Highlights, Balayage, Normal Hair

Orchid Mist – A fresh beautiful delicate orchid scent with a gentle touch of afternoon showers. Light yet able to leave a delicate aroma on your hair and skin throughout the day. 

  Used as regular conditioner or weekly restorative hair mask is extremely conditioning and moisturizing protecting the damaged hair fibers on dry colored bleached hair with split ends. It improves the hair’s capability to be comb and detangled wet or dry preventing hair breakage and loss. It increases color retention and minimizes the fade of colored treated hair after a certain number of hair washes.

  Used as leave-in serum it smooths fly-always minimizing the frizz on colored, bleached dry hair. By applying it regularly on dry bleach hair it can limit the hair breakage, loss, and split ends. It provides conditioning properties to oily, thin or thin treated hair. It adds volume without greasy build-up or weigh down.

Tip: A little bit goes a long way! Can be used as a luxurious shaving cream as well.

  •   Silk Peptides contain a high number of amino acids and proteins. They have a high moisture binding and repair capability for dry hair in addition to a unique property of retaining/releasing moisture depending on surrounding humidity and temperature. Silk Peptides add bounce and shine, retains moisture straightening hair making it less susceptible to breakage and split ends.
  •   Sage Leaf extract refreshes the scalp and stimulates hair growth. It strengthens the roots being extremely beneficial for thinning hair.
  •   Calendula extract adds hydration to dry scalp and has regenerative properties. It helps hair follicles to grow and multiply increasing hair thickness. It has antioxidant properties that protects scalp and hair from cell-damaging free radicals.
  •   Chamomile extract protects and strengthen hair from Thermal and Environmental damage. It has anti-septic properties that prevents build-up gently removing dirt and grease from scalp and hair shaft. It keeps fair follicles clean and unclogged promoting healthy hair growth and limiting the hair loss.
  •   Oat extract smooths hair strands reducing breakage and split ends. It keeps hair hydrated limiting the Thermal and Environmental damage. Adds and increases volume by gently absorbing excess sebum and dirt. By keeping scalp hydrated and hair follicles free of build-up it helps in managing dandruff.
  •   Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) provides deep moisture to scalp and hair. It is a powerful humectant that restores and holds moisture. It has a high capability to penetrate roots and hair shafts repairing and strengthening dry damaged hair. It prevents moisture loss from Thermal Damage. 
  •   Coconut oil conditions the hair helping in regaining and maintaining its elasticity by “filling in” damage left by over treating, over coloring, and thermal abuse. It adds shine to dull hair, prevents the color hue from becoming tarnish and faded over a certain number of washes.

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