Frosted Silk Conditioner/Leave-In 2in1

       This light yet concentrated formula will help continue to solidify and fortify the results started by Bellsol's Frosted Silk Shampoo. It will provide as the shampoo, a high concentration of proteins, vitamins and plant extracts to help extend the healthy benefits and amazing results. Your hair will feel moisturized and soft.

Key Ingredients:

  • Silk extracts contain a high number of amino acids and proteins. They have a high moisture binding and repair capability for hair in addition to a unique property of retaining/releasing moisture depending on surrounding humidity and temperature.

  • Phantenol also known as Pro Vitamin B5 is an ingredient that no hair product should be without. It is an amazing humectant, emollient and moisturizing element. It binds to the hair shaft sealing in moisture. This gives the hair a natural shine and movement.

  • Plant and oat extracts along with aloe vera help calm irritated scalp fortifying the roots resulting in a healthier natural hair.

Recommended for: All hair types. Depend on hair type increase or decrease the amount used. 

How to use:

 As Conditioner: For short/medium hair apply a small amount after shampooing from mid hair shaft to ends. Leave it for few minutes then rinse. For long hair apply a teaspoon full of product to hair from mid hair shaft to ends. Leave it for few minutes then rinse. As with the Frosted Silk Shampoo start with a small amount and build from there.

As Leave-In: For short/medium hair apply a small amount on damp hair. Dry and style as usual. For long hair apply a small amount to damp hair from mid hair shaft to ends to prevent and easily comb knots. Dry and style as usual. As Leave-In it can also be used on dry hair to add additional moisture (very dry/heavily treated hair) or to tame fly always after styling.    

Tip: A little bit goes a long way!

Size: Regular -  3oz/85g

Large - 9oz/255g

Scent: Coco Leche – If you love anything Coconut and even if you don’t you will fall in love with this scent. I looked for so long to find the right scent of coconut and coconut milk in particular. It’s a light delicate scent not too heavy, not too bitter, not too sweet and yet so deliciously “coconutty” that you just have to give it a try! Unisex.

Orchid Mist – A fresh beautiful delicate orchid scent with a gentle touch of afternoon showers. This scent whisks you away to Thailand and Indonesia, where orchids are abundant and their delicate aroma is intoxicating the air. Light yet able to leave a delicate aroma on your hair and skin throughout the day. Unisex.

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