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Body Oil

         Bellsol's Body Oil is a light non-greasy formula designed using premium natural and organic oils. The luxurious silky texture will hydrate and moisturize skin without leaving it with an after oily residue. This can be used as moisturizing oil after shower/bath or massage oil. It can be used as facial cleansing oil at the end of the day removing make-up and environmental dirt or as hair serum hydrating dry split ends. A miracle oil that does it all and no beauty bag should be without!

Key Ingredients:      

  • Coconut oil* provides hydration fighting and delaying the appearance of wrinkles while improving the natural skin’s elasticity and tone.

  • Safflower oil* rich in proteins, vitamins and especially linoleic acid is ideal in preventing dry, damaged skin and improving skin’s texture.

  • Camellia Seed oil* rich in antioxidants promotes cell rejuvenation and resistance to free radicals and environmental oxidative damage.

  • Sweet Almond oil is known for the abundant content of Vitamin E and A. Vitamin E is a nutrient and antioxidant that helps moisturize skin keeping it soft and supple. It is considered the first line of defense against aging fighting free radicals, oxidative stress and UV radiation damage. Vitamin A helps prevent acne flare-ups making it an ideal ingredient for oily skin.

How to use: It is best used after exfoliating with Bellsol Soap Scrub or Bellsol Deep Buff Scrub.

As Moisturizer apply liberally after shower. If you are in the hurry in the morning apply it on wet skin in the shower; massage it for few seconds then rapidly rinse to remove excess. Pat dry and you are ready to go! Note: Watch your step as the shower floor might be a bit slippery!

As Facial Cleansing Oil at the end of the day wet cotton pads, remove excess water then add a few drops of this oil on one side of each pad. Remove as much dirt and makeup as possible. Reverse the pads on the clean side and without adding more oil continue to remove impurities. Repeat if necessary. It will leave your face dirt free, clean and without a tight or greasy feeling. 

As Massage Oil add few drops on freshly exfoliated skin. It will provide just the right amount of glide and endurance without an afterward greasy feeling. Add as necessary.

As Hair Moisturizer it can be used as a quick mask by adding a few drops to the dry hair before shower or a few drops, as a serum, after styling to provide additional moisture to very dry/damaged hair. Tip: A little bit goes a long way!

Size: 3.3floz / 100ml


Arabian Nights: A whiff of this unique deep scent and you will be whisked away on a magic carpet to the distant desert lands. This is a sensual blend of deep sandalwood, musk and amber intertwined with soft notes of midnight jasmine. This mysterious scent will take you by surprise and will transform any ordinary day into the ultimate luxurious experience! Unisex.

Golden Silk: A light sexy fresh ozone aroma blended with just a splash of amber perfect for summer days! Unisex.

Tahitian Silk: This is the perfect bend of warm vanilla, sand, blue waters, sun and silk sheets! This scent will transport you on a private island resort in an ultimate luxury scent experience! Adored by both ladies and gentlemen this is a must try and have! Unisex.

*Organic ingredient

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