Become a Bellsol Beauty Boutique Retailer

                                                                                    Artisan Romanian Beauty

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Bellsol Beauty Boutique products retailer. We are offering a variety of luxurious products covering Hair, Facial and Body lines.
    Our products are artisan created always fresh in micro-batches using the purest finest natural and organic ingredients from around the world with minimum processing to preserve and protect the unique properties of each ingredient. We follow the highest Quality Control and Safety protocols to include testing every batch produced to ensure our customers safety.
    Our unique curated ingredients and original formulas inspire a luxurious boutique Spa Experience that will transform an every day’s beauty ritual into a luxurious journey of the senses – no passport required.”
   Please fill out and submit the Wholesale application form below. A Bellsol Beauty Boutique representative will contact you soon with the following steps.