Deep Buff Scrub

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       Bellsol’s Deep Buff is a loose scrub designed using pure and natural ingredients to deep exfoliate the skin. Our skin is affected on daily basis from the surrounding environment: urban pollution, smoke and sun. As we age we start noticing our skin looks dull and irregular. As skin ages it slows down the desquamation process and in turn it will start accumulating excess dead skin cells.

       Using simple yet effective concentrated ingredients like apricot shells, rice, soy and rosehip this formula will perform a deep exfoliation removing a large amount of dead skin cells. The active ingredients are in their purest raw form unaltered and unobstructed by any other ingredients. This type of exfoliation is essential in allowing new skin cells to emerge and active ingredients from moisturizing products to penetrate the skin leaving it nourished, smooth and glowing!

How to use: To avoid using too much of the product it is recommended to use the glass from the Bellsol Facial & Beyond Started Kit. Add scrub to fill half the glass. Add water so the product will be the consistency of wet sand. Apply it in the shower on wet skin massaging in circular motions concentrating on dry areas: elbows, knees, heels. Rinse & pat dry. For optimal results follow by Bellsol Frosted Body Butter or Bellsol Body Oil.

Side Note: The first time after using this scrub do not apply moisturizing products for 15 minutes so that the water will completely evaporate. Feel your skin to know the true difference between a scrub and a Deep Buff scrub! Keep away from eyes and mouth. Best used once a week.

Size: 3oz/85g

Scent: Natural from the ingredients.

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