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Soap Scrub

       Bellsol’s Soap Scrub was design as a unique formula to gently exfoliate and clean simultaneously. As our skin constantly grows from inside out the dead skin cells formed on the epidermal surface need to be removed so new skin cells can emerge. Without this our skin can look dry, cakey and dull. Bellsol’s Soap Scrub uses a proprietary blend of sugar crystals to achieve the perfect exfoliation without being harsh to your skin. While sugar crystals are melting the soap will foam and clean away dirt leaving skin squeaky clean.

To top that have we mentioned the beautiful, unique and luxurious scent collection!

How to use: In the shower on wet skin massage the entire body using one teaspoon of product insisting on dry areas such as elbows, knees and heels. Add more as needed. Rinse and pat dry. Safe to use on a daily basis. For optimal results follow by Bellsol Frosted Body Butter or Bellsol Body Oil. Keep away from eyes and mouth.

Regular: 5.5oz/155g


Arabian Nights: A whiff of this unique deep scent and you will be whisked away on a magic carpet to the distant desert lands. This is a sensual blend of deep sandalwood, musk and amber intertwined with soft notes of midnight jasmine. This mysterious scent will take you by surprise and will transform any ordinary day into the ultimate luxurious experience! Unisex.

Golden Silk: A light sexy fresh ozone aroma blended with just a splash of amber perfect for summer days! Unisex.

Sexy Nights: This is one of the two gentlemen exclusive scents! A deeper sharper clean scent for the mysterious and sophisticated gentlemen! This scent combines the freshness of a day cologne with the alluring promise of a sexy night!

Tahitian Silk: This is the perfect bend of warm vanilla, sand, blue waters, sun and silk sheets! This scent will transport you on a private island resort in an ultimate luxury scent experience! Adored by both ladies and gentlemen this is a must try and have! Unisex.

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