Facial & Beyond Starter Kit

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       This kit was created to be versatile and complement Bellsol’s natural beauty routine. It is easy to use by a veteran or a novice in the beauty game. It has multiple usages from preparing fresh facial masks, helping you gage the product usage or creating beautiful displays in your bathroom. Let’s go over some of the uses:

  • The glasses, wood spatulas and pipettes can be used with Bellsol's Aqua Brite Facial Mask or Bellsol's Mud Slush Detox Facial Mask. It will allow you to prepare in an instant fresh natural masks to use on face and body.

  • A small portion of Bellsol Frosted Body Butter can be stored in the glass for easy and quick access. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or office.

  • The glass can be used with Bellsol Deep Buff Scrub to help control the right amount of product and prevent waste.

  • The glasses from the kit can be used with Bellsol Soap Scrub to create beautiful displays. Just add a teaspoon full of your favorite scrub and display. After few days use it in the shower and refill with another fresh teaspoon of product. This will fill your bathroom with your favorite scent day after day! 

       The Facial & Beyond kit contains 3 beautiful frosted small glasses, 3 plastic pipettes and 15 wood spatulas.

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