Amber Facial Serum

       Bellsol’s Amber Facial Serum is a light yet powerful formula to use on mature, dry, or problematic skin. It blends in a natural way the amazing antibacterial, antiviral and regenerative properties of Tamanu oil with the intensive moisturizing cell boosting Argan oil. The luxurious benefit complex is solidified with rich antioxidants filled Camellia Seed oil and Vitamin C abundant Sea Buckthorn extract. The unique ingredients will stimulate collagen production improving and maintaining a youthful glow.

Key Ingredients:

  • Tamanu oil is a unique ingredient. It promotes in a natural way formation of new tissue accelerating healing and growth of new healthy skin. It is a powerful anti-aging agent and natural treatment for problematic skin. Also as a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial it is widely used to naturally treat skin blemishes.

  • Argan oil* is rich in Vitamin E and A, fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) and linoleic acids. This is vital in reducing inflammation and bust cell production. Applied topically improves skin’s elasticity fighting and delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Sea Buckthorn extract is one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C. It contains enzymes and fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 9 &7) that help collagen production at the cellular level maintaining a youthful skin glow and increase cell resistance to environmental oxidation. It contains same Vitamin E as wheat germ, three times Vitamin A than carrots and four time SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme than ginseng. This is vital in in promoting healthy skin and fighting free radicals.

How to use:  Use 3-5 drops on face and neck. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for mature and problematic. For best results apply at night. Tip: A little bit goes a long way!

Size: 1floz / 30ml

Scent: Specific of Tamanu oil. It can be a bit strong and it takes a bit getting used to but the rewards are amazing! 

*Organic ingredient