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Frosted Silk Shampoo

       This concentrated unique formula delivers a powerful complex of ingredients to help improve and maintain healthy hair naturally. The oils rich in vitamins and fatty acids will provide optimal moisture while plant extracts will gently coat the hair protecting it from environmental damage. Silk extract will help retain moisture and prevent dry brittle hair as a result of heat exposure. A unique blend created to deliver a luxurious experience.

Key Ingredients:

  • Argan*, Grapeseed and Coconut* oils rich in Vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) and lactic acid will keep your hair/scalp well moisturized.

  • Plant proteins form a film on the outer layer of the hair shaft protecting the keratin cells within. This helps retain moisture by delaying the evaporation process.

  • Silk extracts contain a high number of amino acids and proteins. They have a high moisture binding and repair capability for hair in addition to a unique property of retaining/releasing moisture depending on surrounding humidity and temperature.

Recommended for: Treated, Dry, Coarse, Damaged, Normal, Thick, Straight, Curly hair types. 

How to use: For short/medium hair use a quarter teaspoon of product. For long hair use half to one teaspoon of product. Based on hair length, start using a small amount of product and gradually find a happy point. Safe to use on a daily basis. Best followed by Bellsol Frosted Silk Conditioner/Leave-In 2in1. Tip: A little bit goes a long way!

Size: Regular - 3oz/85g

Large - 11oz/310g

Scent: Orchid Mist – A fresh beautiful delicate orchid scent with a gentle touch of afternoon showers. This scent whisks you away to Thailand and Indonesia, where orchids are abundant and their delicate aroma is intoxicating the air. Light yet able to leave a delicate aroma on your hair and skin throughout the day. 

*Organic ingredient

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